How to Clean the Cache with AVG Cleaner Android – If yesterday I was commenting on the advantages of the application cache cleaner AVG. Now the time gives special tips on how to use AVG cleaner optimally to clean cache on android so that storage space (memory) can increase the performance of your relief and overall.

How to Clean the Cache with AVG Cleaner Android

Well for those who want to run AVG cleaner please first download the application in the search with the keyword playstore AVG Free cleaner, then check out his tips below.

1. Please open the AVG Application cleaner and would appear to be the main display as below.

2. For those who have never done clean-up cache then it would seem a huge cache file size. That is what we will be clean.

3. Go to the Cache menu, after entering when you want to clear everything please just click the button under your own clean all cache

4. But if you want to clean the cache to certain applications then you can simply click once application that want to open will be cleaned, a page like the example below.

5. Click the clear cache button

6. Do the same steps on the other applications that you want to clear the cache.

How easy, right?. Hopefully the tips with Avg clears the cache cleaner above useful.