How to Play .VOB DVD Video on Android Device – In the play the file format video on android is indeed a great many variety of options that can be played. There are formats 3gp, mpeg, mp4, flv etc. But those who want to run the file movie VOB format certainly many who do not know what application is used.

As is known, the VOB format is a file format standard DVD, where the file size is larger than the size of the file format like mpeg or flv. Indeed android users rarely play video VOB format in device given the size of the file reaches the gigabyte.

How to Play .VOB DVD Video on Android Device

But if you want to play video VOB format then please install the application called Wondershare player. where the application is able to play more audio and video formats are also formatted file VOB.

Ready to install the player for VOB files?, please try and hopefully useful. 🙂