How to Copy DVD VOB Files to the Android Memory – If the first I’ve given application tips DVD VOB files to play on your android phone, then it is time World android gives tips on how to retrieve or copy the VOB files from DVD disc DVD collection pal. Of course, many who do not know how to move or copy files from the DVD disc to Memory phone with ease.

How to Copy DVD VOB Files to the Android Memory

To be able to copy the movie file from the DVD to the memory cassette HP then the main requirement you must have a PC or laptop equipped with DVD rom or DVD player in such devices. For those who have prepared the PC please refer to how to copy DVD File VOV below.

How to Copy DVD VOB Files to the Android Memory

1. Prepare Cassette / DVD disc mate selection along with a PC or a laptop that is on.

2. Cassette insert the DVD into the PC and wait for a while until the PC to recognize the contents of the DVD file.

3. Enter the phone memory to a PC as well, can pass card reader or data cable. wait until the PC detects the buddy memory.

4. When all is ready, open the folder or sign in PC DVD drives, you will see there are two important folder called ‘VIDEO_TS’ and ‘AUDIO_TS’

5. Go to the VIDEO_TS folder

6. You will see several files in the VIDEO_TS folder, select the files ending in ‘vob’

7. Copy the files ending in ‘vob’ is according to your choice and paste or paste in the cell phone memory card pal.

8. Finish.

Well the above manner, the buddy can now play video files from DVD’s favorite pal in android phone 😉